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Our services

We help plan and organise your administration and how daily tasks should be handled.

# Problem-solving, execution of practical tasks, forecasting and budgets, liquidity, banking, authorities, payroll, reporting, analysis, controlling, investors, auditors and accounting, participation in annual accounts, and overall focus on ensuring smooth administration.

We serve as a practical and coordinating bridge between your management and the company’s specialized departments, ensuring that business development progresses in an organized and commercial manner.

We contribute to developing company strategies and translating them into actionable tasks and objectives. Our involvement in Business Affairs allows management to dedicate more time to company growth.

# Strategy, Operations, Planning, Legal Matters, Contract Negotiation, Rights Management, Financial Aspects, Business Development, Compliance and Standards, Cross-departmental Collaboration, Processes, International Rollout, Production.

Analysis, optimization, and description of company processes, enabling employees to complete their tasks flawlessly. When tasks are described precisely, any employee can solve them.

Organized task resolution reduces dependency on key employees who hold valuable knowledge, which will be lost when the employee leaves the company, falls ill, or goes on vacation.


We have done business worldwide, owned several international companies and have partnerships in Latin America, USA, Poland and Turkey alongside a huge international network.

# Market research, identifying local players, setting up meetings, establishing networks, finding suitable lawyers and accountants, handling the incorporation of a local company, or solutions with a remote team.


Raising capital is a major task. Meetings with investors require significant insight and preparation. Let’s talk about it.

# Investor presentations, budgets, calculation of new shares, dilution, allocations, shareholder agreements, and statutes.

We are potentially interested in joining a small number of startups as co-founders or investors when their cases are extraordinary, including proven sales results. Our involvement would be based upon an individual evaluation, and we would focus on acquiring equity stakes, particularly sweat equity, rather than traditional monetary compensation or a combination of both.


We collaborate with experts in key fields to assemble the best team for your needs. In practice, they work directly with you, integrating with your team and following your instructions. We are constantly working on bringing new experts on board. Currently, the list looks like this:

– Development: Websites and E-commerce, Mobile apps, Platforms and systems, UX/UI
– Marketing: Online marketing, Content Production
– Legal and accounting: Lawyers and accountants, trademark rights, domain admin
– Administration: See administrative tasks described above

Disclaimer: In certain instances, we receive a payment from our experts when we refer new customers to them

If you are considering establishing your company in Latin America or the USA, we, along with our local partner in the region, can assist. Our partner,, specializes in delivering top-tier remote teams to European and international companies across the following sectors:

# Customer success management, Customer support, Sales, Marketing, Content editing and Custom Positions. creates dedicated remote teams for companies to support their growth and clients in the US. They do this from Latin America aligning with the US timezone.

One thing for certain is that you’ll always encounter issues that need addressing. We assist with rapid analysis and solutions, ensuring you can move forward quickly.

When you need to discuss internal or personal matters, such as problems with your co-founder, investors, board, or personal considerations about the future, in a confidential atmosphere, we are here to help, listen, and advise.

We assist investors in gaining insight into portfolio companies pre- and post-investment.

HEALTH CHECK – Pre-investment: 
The Health Check may encompass areas such as strategy adherence, planning, budgeting, finance, technology, product development, marketing, and more.

HEALTH CHECK – Post investment:
 We continue monitoring the companies and regularly provide the investor with updated summaries.

Ad hoc assistance: We offer customized assistance, engaging with portfolio company teams on a project basis to provide specialized support.

Read more on the Investor page.



We work on-premise, remote, or hybrid

Free introductory meeting


  • Introduction of the parties
  • Testing your idea
  • Are we a match?
  • Next step?

Pricing Structure

Basic rate before discounts

Per hour: DKK 1,000

  • Remote work: – 10%
  • Clip card: – 10%
  • Long-term tasks: Individual offer
Short-term tasks
  • One hour
  • Half a day
  • A full day
  • Meetings
  • Urgent support
  • Small Workshops
Long-term tasks
  • Large Workshops
  • Extra team member, part-time
  • Extra team member, full-time
  • Remote team
  • Health Check for investors
  • Board membership
  • Interim management
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