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All Ears Innovation offers services for businesses and investors. We are dedicated to help your company grow by removing time-consuming barriers and reducing costs.

We handle tasks of any size, and solving problems in most business areas. Our network of experts, including remote teams, enables us to manage both local and international projects efficiently.  Additionally, we provide opportunities for investments, co-founding, and board positions.

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Peter Grønbæk

All Ears Innovation

About Peter Grønbæk

Peter is an accomplished business leader with a background in both SMEs and multinational corporations.

He recently played a pivotal role as CEO and driving force in developing the international SaaS platform Selfcast, which currently operates in 8 countries and still counting. Previously, he spent 17 years at Sony Music International in various roles, including creative, commercial, administrative, and IT positions, where he notably won the Sony Music International Innovation Contest. In addition, Peter has founded or co-founded several startups in industries such as the Music Business, Audio Books, Video Gaming, Online Casting, Consulting, SaaS, Tech, and IT development.

Throughout his career, he has engaged with most strategic and operational aspects of business management and administration. Peter possesses a keen expertise and intuition for finance and law. His primary working languages have been Danish, English, and Scandinavian. He has extensive experience with Nordic and international work at all levels, including partnerships, contract negotiations, and establishing companies abroad.

He is proving to be an efficient problem-solver who can handle both high-level and detailed tasks.

Peter approaches his work with a proactive and systematic mindset, thriving on both the big visions and keeping processes, deadlines, and details in check.

Strategy defines goals, while planning helps achieve them.

Based on these valuable experiences, we offer knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm to talented Startups, SMEs and Investors seeking to excel even further.

Winner of Sony Music International Innovation Contest.

(Photo by Søren Hytting)

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